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27 habits of highly effective futurists

My thoughts on how to make foresight a habit, and to do it well
[note: I usually offer a link to a relevant post on Foresight Culture where you can read more about these principles. There aren't really 27, I blew past that a while ago. Here is a downloadable version as well: Habits for Success with Foresight]

1. Decide what it means [link]

2. Pay it forward [link]

3. Talk to the frog [link]

4. Find the anti-you

5. Get out from behind the mouse [link]

6. Go visual [link]

7. Bring a camera [link]

8. See the world with different eyes [link]  

9. Read outside the box

10. Switch on a second radar screen [link]

11. Assume you are not normal

12. Look at the story

13. Keep the future on the agenda [link

14. Play the futurist in your organization

15. Help people be at play in the future [link]

16. Use data

17. Get away from data

18. Use lessons from the past [link]

19. Learn to communicate about the future

20. Get everyone's assumptions out [link]

21. Reject linearity

22. Listen to the dissidents and lone voices

23. Exaggerate for understanding [link]

24. Know you are exaggerating [link]

25. Go negative [link]

26. Globalize all questions [link]

27. It's ok to be wrong [link]

28. Don't just analyze, speculate

29. Don't hate the present [link]

30. Bring along a friend [link]

31. Never stop [link]

This is an evolving list, and I'd be pleased to hear your suggestions and additions.

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