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See How 2020 Will Affect Packaging’s Future

The year that just finished proved a challenge for the packaging industry – one that many want to put behind them. However, it might prove fruitful to review the events of 2020 to make sure your packaging operations are prepared for 2021.

In 2020, PTIS, Leading Futurists, and several valued alliance partners introduced Packaging Foresight newsletters, which addressed many of the important developments that packaging professionals were facing. The newsletter also offered foresight on likely advances that will affect the future of packaging.

In case you’ve not had the opportunity to see all these commentaries, the article at the link below provides links to the entire collection. All editions can be found at  www.packagingforesight.com, but the piece linked here has a synopsis of each newsletter’s main story. You can also subscribe by linking here and filling out the simple form: Subscribe.

Read the full newsletter:


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