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Hey futurist, represent!

100PercentFuturistIf foresight is a good thing, if knowing a little more about the future we face helps us all, then we ought to be willing to live and play the role of futurist. We ought to out ourselves, with everyone, and represent the future view.

What does it mean to "represent" as a futurist?

  • Use the "F" words: futurist, futures, foresight–you don't have to be credentialed as a futurist to do this.
  • Make no apologies for the view you take or the work you do. "I am a futurist" "I study the future" "I can help you understand your future better".
  • Speak out for the future, represent the future view in conversations, on committees, in your leadership, in your community, in your family. Help people get their view Get forward, instead of always in the mode of looking backwards at what happened, what should of happened, who's to blame, etc.

If you do this right, people should look to you when they see a need to think longer term. They should say, "what do you think?" They should expect it from you and rely upon it. And they should see you as a mentor in matters of foresight. And if you do this right, you will be making a difference to everyone's future.

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  • Garry May 16, 2014, 9:09 am

    Preach it brother! 

    I see a t-shirt campaign here – taking over pop culture – the new 'Keep calm, Carry on' thing for 100% Futurist?!   I've been pushing the 'tap your inner futurist' line in talks. (Not sure how well that gets received!

    Lately I've been getting more aggressive (if that's the right word) in responding to the 'Oh, Mr Futurist? Well, I'm a Nowist' line of thinking. Letting that person know foresight folk are very conscious of the present — we are likely even more broadly informed on the 'now' than the so-called Nowists. But how can they defend such narrow thinking? Where is the responsibility in Nowism? It is no longer sufficient to simply sit on a pedestal of 'being focused on the now' in a world shaped by so much uncertainty ahead.   

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