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Is your focus past or forward?

This blog post from a couple of years ago Are You a Paster, Presentist, or Futurist? offers a nice thought experiment on the idea that people may be focused past, on the present, or toward the future.

It’s not deeply developed in the piece, but the idea is one worth exploring, and it fits my discoveries about myself, and others.

I’ve found that I have an innate focus on what will happen next or later, and once something has taken place, while it’s interesting to think about why it happened, I don’t obsess on that. And sometimes I get peevish when people won’t let go of something that happened, or should have, in the past. I want to say, “never mind, water under the bridge, eyes forward.” I want to play with ideas about what may happen next, maybe get that right.

And this, of course, is helpful to my work as a futurist.

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