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I am a futurist. Leave off the quote marks!

Please don't put quotes around the name of my profession. And don't make the air quotes with your fingers, either. Futurists are bona fide experts in exploring change, and we give our colleagues and clients enormous value.

–>A futurist is the person who helps you think past what's in your inbox, right now

–>A futurist is the person who gives you new ways to think about how the world is changing, and can get you past merely reacting to change you don't like, getting you to taking action on change you can benefit from

–>A futurist is the first person to bring a critical change in technology to your attention, and the one who tells you what it might mean, and why it might matter

–>A futurist is the person who helps you convince colleagues that they are thinking narrowly, and short term, and that thinking is a best a loss of opportunity, and at worst, dangerous for the organization

–>A futurist can help you and your colleagues rethink the business you are in because conditions are changing, and trends are creating new challenges and opportunities

And a futurist will never bore you at a party. Have a chat with us. A please don't just say, so you're a "futurist" supplying the air quotes with your hands or the tone of your voice. Leave that off. Thankyou!

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