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5 critical things in foresight

What you must have for success in foresight:

A purpose — Why are you exploring the future? The answer will guide what you do, and how you do it
A mindset — The future matters, there are alternative possible futures, and we need to think new thoughts and make new connections to be successful
A habit — Once you get the futures thinking going, don’t stop! Keep it going. It’s not something you do once, and get done
A toolkit — Find and use the tools that will bring you rigor and success as you explore the future
A community — Don’t try to go it alone. Find some people, inside and outside your organization, that will care about what you are doing, listen to your ideas, and hopefully help you explore the future

There are tips, tools, and advice throughout the posts here on ForesightCulture to help you get and refine these. I urge you to explore the posts. The categories displayed on the right side of this page are a great route to specific posts that may help.

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