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What to expect when you go futuring

Perplexity, among colleagues, family, they may think you’ve gone ’round the bend!
Complexity, behind most anything you explore, since you are opening up questions, digging deeper
Uncertainty, more than you had! More than answering questions, you’ll be raising new questions
Fear, if you do a good job. If there’s none, you probably haven’t asked big enough questions
Fun, if you let it happen. There should be laughter, even if it comes out of serious questions
Ah ha’s, breakthroughs in your thinking, new insights
Empowerment, you’ll discover new things to know about your future, to act on, to believe
A new mindset, you won’t look at things the same way, and you’ll see forces and trends everywhere
Addiction, for you and colleagues, you’ll not want to stop! (I hope)

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