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50+@Work — A new community space on Facebook

50+@Work is a Facebook community page launched by my firm, Leading Futurists LLC, and Green Consulting Group LLC. Katherine Green, PhD, of Green Consulting Group, is a long-time friend and colleague, who is an expert in workforce development, the aging workforce, and organizational leadership. Her work and ours blend strongly on matters of positive futures for employers and employees, and we have long collaborated in exploring that space.

The 50+@Work Facebook page is a place to share and exchange ideas, cases stories, examples, issues, data, and trends on the 50 and older worker. Our followers join us to explore the topic, and to look for ways that employers, organizational productivity, workers, and society can all benefit from better foresight and more thoughtful approaches to nurturing the entire workforce, younger and older, and not neglecting the 50+.

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