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Personal futures matter too, perhaps most of all

A futurist colleague of mine, Verne Wheelwright, has created a body of work on personal futures, including a book It's Your Future: Make it a Good One, and an accompanying workbook. His goal is to take the ways futurists think about what's shaping organizations, technologies, cities, countries, and so on, and help individuals apply those approaches to their personal lives.

Verne writes that you can know a lot about your future, shape it to be what you want it to be, and avoid a lot of unpleasant things that can happen along the way. You can do that "by simply thinking about your future in a systematic manner [using a] system that leads you through the exploration of your future and then shows you how to decide on and achieve the future you want."

What could be more valuable or important than that? And yet how rare it is for people to think beyond a broad vision about their life and its possibilities. Most of us, even if we've taken a 30-year mortgage, have not made our expectations about our life 30 years out clear or complete.

This is a unique body of work and may be a terrific resource for you to come to grips with your future, and have the best chance to make it what you want it to be. What it does so well is to open up, and add concreteness to your thinking. Thought most of us have some idea about what we want in life, too often we don't know enough about what we will do, and what it will take to get there, nor about the things we will confront along the way (e.g. aging parents, dependent adult children, career changes, financial crises, financial windfalls, etc.)

You can order the book through Verne's website: www.vernewheelwright.com, or through Amazon. The workbook is a free download from Verne's Personal Futures website. You can use the Personal Futures workbook with or without the book.

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