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Leading Futurists toolsA couple of months ago, my Leading Futurists LLC partner Jennifer Jarratt and I built some new pages on our company website, www.leadingfuturists.biz. Those pages (click here) are about getting started in exploring the future, and they are meant to help us promote our services in helping organizations do just that.

Nevertheless, the pages also offer some clues to how you can get started, so I urge you to have a look. They may inspire you in your efforts to improve foresight in your organization, and give you some leads on how to do that. For example, included is a sample “futures day” agenda, and images show some of the kinds of tools and handouts we have used successfully for a long time.

I am glad to share more insights on this, and can explain what you see further, without suddenly demanding that you be a paying client! Let me know: jbmahaffie@leadingfuturists.biz and/or 202-271-0444.

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