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Quick thought: Write to learn, write to understand

Pen and paperIn our often frenzied, multi-tasking lives, it’s hard to get quality thinking done. I recommend using writing as a way to learn, to think, and to figure things out. The act of writing (more than a couple of paragraphs) requires you to think something through, frame your thoughts in new ways, and figure out relationships among ideas. You may discover in writing that you learned something new, something that might never have come fully formed to mind. 

Nurturing the habit of writing to explore and understand means doing more writing. And, since exploring the future is open-ended, everything is important and relevant to the future–you need to capture your thinking, nearly anytime, anyplace. Having a commonplace book or journal–whether it’s handwritten or electronic–is a great way to seize the moment and get something written down. You can always return later to see if what you wrote is worth developing further. but get it written down or you may lose the thought altogether.

Image: Boa-sorte&Careca, via Flickr, cc license


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