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ForesightCulture.com: at one year old, what readers have liked

Foresight CultureForesightCulture.com is now one year old. I launched this blog as a place to share insights on using foresight successfully. I write it for people in organizations, not for the community of professional futurists, but gratifyingly, my futurist colleagues have read and commented (positively) on my work here too.

Aside from the “who I am” and “contact” pages here, the top posts/pages of interest to readers over the year of the blog’s life are as follows:

  1. 27 habits of highly successful futurists (a special page of “best practices” for people trying to get futures thinking through to their organizations)
  2. Scanning the landscape for challenges, issues, and opportunities
  3. Quotes (a special page of quotes that inspire me, and that relate to foresight)
  4. Ask the right questions
  5. Talk to the frog
  6. Environmental scanning, Flickr, YouTube, and photoblogs
  7. The power of the paleo future
  8. Oh my god, Fr*d is soooo annoying!
  9. Why I love introducing scenario thinking  to people           
  10. Considering different environmental scanning approaches
  11. Environmental scanning  (a special page on environmental scanning in the Internet age)
  12. Looking at the world through a different lens
  13. Reframers (a special page on some of the thinkers who successfully reorient our thinking on the world and the systems we are part of)
  14. All futures are global
  15. Is environmental scanning just one more chore?  

How-to thoughts have proven popular (and I hope useful) to my readers, and environmental scanning is at the center of that. Some of the thinking grew from post ideas to special blog features, and those pages: "Envrionmental scanning," "Quotes," "Reframers," and the "27 habits of highly successful futurists" have been especially popular.

Thanks to everyone who has read my work here a little or a lot, who has tried to get some value from it, and who has shared their own insights with me. It has been, and will be my privilege and joy to keep ForesightCulture going a while longer. Let me know, please, if there are things you think I ought to write about.

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  • Garry G October 14, 2008, 11:31 am

    Congratulations John!!!

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