27 habits of highly effective futurists

My thoughts on how to make foresight a habit, and to do it well
[note: I usually offer a link to a relevant post on Foresight Culture where you can read more about these principles. There aren't really 27, I blew past that a while ago. Here is a downloadable version as well: Habits for Success with Foresight]

1. Decide what it means [link]

2. Pay it forward [link]

3. Talk to the frog [link]

4. Find the anti-you

5. Get out from behind the mouse [link]

6. Go visual [link]

7. Bring a camera [link]

8. See the world with different eyes [link]  

9. Read outside the box

10. Switch on a second radar screen [link]

11. Assume you are not normal

12. Look at the story

13. Keep the future on the agenda [link

14. Play the futurist in your organization

15. Help people be at play in the future [link]

16. Use data

17. Get away from data

18. Use lessons from the past [link]

19. Learn to communicate about the future

20. Get everyone's assumptions out [link]

21. Reject linearity

22. Listen to the dissidents and lone voices

23. Exaggerate for understanding [link]

24. Know you are exaggerating [link]

25. Go negative [link]

26. Globalize all questions [link]

27. It's ok to be wrong [link]

28. Don't just analyze, speculate

29. Don't hate the present [link]

30. Bring along a friend [link]

31. Never stop [link]

This is an evolving list, and I'd be pleased to hear your suggestions and additions.

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Dick Saunders December 7, 2008 at 8:36 pm

Remarkably wise insights, John. Being seen as “an outsider” is one I’ve learned can create some raw edges with family, church and business colleagues at times, tho.

=Best advice? Forewarn them that you’re going to challenge conventional wisdom and encourage them to step out of their thinking comfort zone?

(A member of the Minnesota Chapter of the World Future Society)

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