ForesightCulture’s top 12 posts of 2011

by John Mahaffie on December 22, 2011

Of the 41 posts to ForesightCulture during 2011, the 12 below got the most visitors. The list reflects my main focus: the art and craft of exploring the future. Two posts got particularly personal for futurists, and drew a lot of interest from people in the field:

“I am a futurist, leave off the quote marks” and “A typology of futurists”

Just one post on the “content” side, i.e. about the future, made it in too, a 2021 scenario of a shopper.

Here are the top posts for 2011 in order:

  1. Get comfortable with complexity — How we have to fight the tendency to explain change as have a single cause, and embrace that things are complex: many forces, interacting.
  2. Foresight tool: A simple scanning technique to open up your thinking — A simple tool for triggering more and deeper thinking in your environmental scanning.
  3. I am a futurist. Leave off the quote marks! — Why futurist is a genuine profession. How futurists bring value. An argument to leave off the air quotes when you talk about futurists.
  4. A typology of futurists — Musing over different “types” of futurists; what they do and why it’s powerful.
  5. 5 critical things in foresight — The five things you must have for foresight: a purpose, a mindset, a habit, a toolkit, and a community.
  6. The short-term view and the long-term view — How we need to acknowledge, but not limit our thinking to, people’s immediate, near-term concerns.
  7. Foresight illustrated: Choosing how broad a view to take when exploring the future — A visual model for exploring “what future?” and how far into the future you should look (your time horizon).
  8. Get comfortable with uncertainty — How you have to tolerate uncertainty, and help others do so, when you explore your future.
  9. Offsetting your suburban, middle class, white collar bias — Ways to relieve the biases you may bring to looking at the future by getting out and seeing how things are made.
  10. A 2021 shopper’s path to purchase — A scenario of a possible 2021 consumer experience: the consumer’s path the purchase, enabled by technology.
  11. 9 things that “lock us in” in our thinking — Nine ways our thinking is narrowed, clouded, or misguided, and some advice on what to do about it.
  12. Experiencing the future Part 1: Getting beyond analysis and changing minds — Comparing the problems of the historian/archaeologist and futurist in getting people to deeper understanding, and a call for the experiential in foresight.

Thanks to all my readers for their interest this year. Have a terrific holiday season and a happy new year.


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